[Discussion] Calendar Coding Style

CakePHP has adopted PSR-2 … We don’t need to use an old version of PHPCS in TravisCI for the version of Cake calendar is running. (3.4) :slight_smile:



This seems like the place to ask.

With Perl/CGI I can download a page, process it, and put the results on a website. It works, for instance, with Craigslist and Yahoo Finance. However, when I point it at our calendar, I get nothing. Anyone know why?

With cutting and pasting I can put the calendar in a file called calnew.txt, run a Perl program, and only see calendar events I haven’t seen before. Then I need to save calnew.txt to calold.txt so it will be ready for the next time.

If I could get the raw data I’d like to make a webpage anyone could use to only see events new for that person.

It seems like someone else may have already done the heavy lifting, since this is roughly what the New Events application does.

There’s also the feed, which might come close to what you want…

One thread on that for reference

There are others…

I’m actually developing the RSS feed for the calendar. It is not out yet. But it is done.


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Wow, I’m surprised nobody told me about that app before! Very handy!