Digital Media Election

We will have a digital media election on December 1 at 7pm:

If anyone is interested in running, please post here and I’ll add you to the event description. :slight_smile:

I would like to run for chair. Consider this my statement of intent.

I’ve been a member in good standing at DMS for 2 years now. In addition to being a regular facilitator at open tours and orientation, I run the Writerspace SIG and work professionally as a social media brand manager and consultant.

I would consider it my honor to help Digital Media to continue to move forward as a department and bring more value to our membership. I enthusiastically believe in DMS’s mission as an educational community and look forward to our bright future.



We already have one awesome candidate, thank you! The event description has been updated. :grin: If anyone else wants to run please post here.


I took a class from @rampage and it was excellent. She’s very organized and she has tremendous skills. She’s also an accomplished author a fun teacher. I think she’d be an excellent chair.


Awww thank you so much!

One thing I would like to help with digital media is the large format printer that has been non-working in the front room. Not running for chair just have interest in a working large format printer at DMS.


That would be wonderful! The former chair had intended to fix it but did not get a chance to.

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large format was fixed, good print heads are in digital medias lockers.


Awesome, it might just need good training and maintenence.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. That’s why CA was pleased to give it to Digital Media – none of us were up for the maintenance. Good training for both operation and maintenance are probably key.


Thanks folks.

Yes! I would love to formalize maintenance if I’m elected chair, as well as some other straightforward measures to help minimize breakages.

I believe that the space PR committee also has great need of the large format printer (for example, DMS needs a new large map of the space as the current one in the lobby is torn).


Hey folks! Just wanted to put out a reminder that the election and committee meeting are tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing those who drop by.


Here’s the info for the Google Meet for tonight’s meeting:

Online Meeting Link

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 347-554-7235 and enter this PIN: 932 416 008#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:

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A big thank you to everyone who attended tonight either in person or virtually. As we discussed, I have uploaded the meeting minutes from our discussion to The Source/Confluence:

(To access them, you will have to log in with your DMS credentials.)

I’m looking forward to working with y’all over the next several months to keep our committee organized and active and to do cool things at DMS.