Die cutting chip board

I have C1S paper mounted to 80 pt chipboard. I want to die cut instead of laser cutting since I’ve had problems with charring on the edge of the paper despite using masking paper.

Does DMS have a manual press or clicker press that can be used with steel rule dies?

Don’t think DMS currently has one.
A shop in Lewisville had one listed on ebay

Doesn’t look like there were any bids.
Might still be available.
Any committees interested?

No bids - minimum bid is $3,000.

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No bids and timed out.
Price is probably negotiable.
Possible donation if seller needs a write off.

Funny thing is I think I know who bought that one.

Not us. If the board lets us spend big bucks on anything, it’ll be on a large(ish) format printer. Not a smushing device. Besides. the dies that would be required for die cutting are $$$.

That said, assuming that Troy (OP) is a member (green dot?) the project might be doable on the Silhouette Cameo. That device (allegedly) cuts fabric, posterboard, vinyl and more. And if cutting was taking place on a laser, then I assume that digital files existed for the cutting process.

Another option: If Troy lives in within the boundaries of Garland ISD and already has the die desired, the school district has Ellison press-things in the Instructional Resource Center located in the Shugart Professional Development Center. I don’t know what the situation is now - post Covid restrictions - but before that, community members were permitted to sign in to utilize the equipment.

The state Region 10 Education Service Center in Richardson used to have a similar resource center for teachers, but I think it was closed.

If there are still exclusively scrapbooking stores out there, they may also have die-cutter press-thingies available for use in-store. I’m not a scrapbooker, so can’t say for sure…


I had to Google what a clicker press was, and I still wonder why it is called that, but I happened upon this guy who made one for less that $300, without dies.


Looking at the size of the plates and dies and that is uses a 20 Ton Press, this could easily be done on the 20T manual Arbor press. Work would actually go a lot quicker as you can attach the upper plate to the arbor and when you lift it would give to plenty of clearance.

Maybe this is something we can look into as an easy build then people need to order their dies.


ACME Creation Labs MakerSpace has a clicker press. They bought it to cut out the thousands of face shields we made for the pandemic. I am sure they would work with you for your project.

an option is the cameo, as @jrkriehn suggests, does work for a sheet at a time.

the 3rd option would be the hydraulic press by automotive. Slower than a clicker press, but capable of a substantial stack to cut.

that was a great price

Between the lasers and the Multicam we have what it takes to make steel rule dies. That would be a really cool capability to bring into DMS.

I’ve seen a posting for building a press with a hydraulic jack. The picture below might be easier to build and it would certainly be lighter. Someone who is mechanically inclined could probably figure out how to build it. It would be good if the base plate could accommodate die up to 18" x 18".

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Another DIY-How-To video:

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One of the easiest would be make a jig for the Arbor press. That would crank them out far faster than the hydraulic press.


Anyone interested in building this. I’ll help.