Did anyone build a secure Perosnal Cloud using any Open Source tool?

Can a Raspberry Pi be used here?


This looks like a proprietary competitor to NextCloud/Own cloud (both of which run on your own hardware etc). There are others like it but those are the more popular two.

And the phrase “easy as pie. No raspberries needed” on their website seems like they’re trying to do SEO for the crowd of makers/users looking for raspberry pi based personal clouds.

Personally this looks shady to me; lots of buzzwords for security and privacy, claims of being unhackable / the strongest encryption, misleading tables of features, etc.


Yeah, pretty much done with proprietary hardware devices when it is so easy to roll your own nowadays.

I just built an Openmediavault / Nextcloud server. Search for Technodadlife on YouTube, he has some great tutorials.

I did consider openmediavault but didn’t find any encryption feature. Not sure if the encryption is built in as its based on Debian.