Diamond Stud Earrings - Referral or Opportunity

I’m planning to purchase my wife a set of diamond stud earrings - seeing as I am posting this on February 13th, you will be happy to know that this isn’t for Valentine’s Day, :slight_smile: but rather for our upcoming 20th anniversary.

With that said, I’ve not purchased a diamond in a quite some time and my old jeweler moved to Seattle. I figured that maybe some of the members that make jewelry could provide a recommendation for a reputable jewelry dealer in the area.

Alternatively, if you are personally able to make a set of these, I’d be interested in talking. (I would prefer to give my business to a fellow DMS member than some unknown entity.)

Thanks for your help,


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Pm me.

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I’ve heard that Costco, surprisingly, sells diamonds. They should have smaller-than-industry markups on their stuff.

I always go here (30+ years). They have always treated me fairly and I like their professionalism. They sell legacy/used jewelry and you can find some amazing pieces there. https://www.fullersjewelry.com/

They are at Beltline and Arapaho in Addison more or less. I always negotiate with them so don’t pay asking price because they are usually pretty amenable to some discount. They will sell you quality jewelry IMHO. I get nothing for the referral. I just like their store.

@nausser915 ordered my engagement ring for me.

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