Desk Top Resin Help

Hey all, I hope I’m putting this question in the right category. Anyway, this summer I’d like to create a desk for my husband. My plan is to purchase a desk and then put on the top ribbons that our boys won over the years with an epoxy (resin?) top. Obviously, I have no idea how to do the pouring. Is there a class that’s offered or is there an expert who could help me do it? TIA.

@Edenblue it our resin SIG leader, so she’d know who might be able to help you.


I’m not an “expert” but I’ll be loitering around a lot this month for sure and I do sculptural resin. First thing you need to do is seal the ribbons so they do not discoloration when they are covered in liquid resin. I wouldn’t reccomend epoxy resin for something that sentimental. It yellows pretty badly over time so expect it to cost a decent amount. If you don’t want the ribbons ruined you could do a glass top and use the multicam to rout out an indentation so they sit under it like a shadow box sort of thing.

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What would I use to seal them with? I’ll test it out on a couple of them.

Modge podge or clear Elmer’s glue to seal fabric colors :smile:

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I like modge podge as well, especially since you can use it to attach them in place so they don’t start floating around when the resin is poured

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