Denver Makerspace vending machine

Denhac has this vending machine


Did they get approval from the Bureau of Soft-drinks, Tobacco and Firearms?

For those that don’t know, this is a Futurama reference and this addictive Slurm soft drink is secreted by the rear end of an alien queen from Wormulon.

The Denver makerspace, unlike ours, must be populated by a bunch of nerds .


They also have a (different ) vending machine that sells Arduino parts and sandpaper…

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We need one for surge and/or volt cola in the arcade.


We’ll have to find a used one we can mod.

Does the galley service have a non compete requirement?

Most likely.

They may be willing to let us inset a DMS specific/bespoke label, though. But that also depends…

Well since they won’t stock any non-sweet drinks I’m behind it if you’ll stock unsweetened (not “diet”) iced tea.

They’ve already been asked twice to bring it back. It sold out every week. They’re idiots.


Yes they do unfortunately.

Who did you ask?

I called the number that’s on the kiosk.

Next time please post on here or get to logistics for these requests.

Okay. They were carrying it but stopped. It was the only non-sweet thing in the case aside from overpriced water. Catering to the little piggies that need sugar water.

Q: Does the contract allow us to specify what gets stocked? e.g. Could we say “only Slurm”, or “only Pepsi products” or something else specific? Or are we stuck with whatever they feel like stocking that week?

We can request anything that they already carry.

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I do appreciate that the chocolate doughnuts are now regularly in stock…:drooling_face:


So have you asked them? I’ve asked them, you told me to ask here instead, as though as their customer I’m not allowed to give them feedback. So I asked here. What have y’all done about it?

Unsweetened tea is available by the pallet at Sam’s or Costco. They have no excuse for not carrying it. Literally every drink they carry except water is a sweet drink. Many of us aren’t addicted to sweet drinks.

For the record: I’ll talk to ANYONE I WANT TO as long as I’m talking on my own behalf. That’s how this works.

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I asked them shortly after your request. I have not followed back up with them and I’m sorry that I have not . But frankly other things have gotten in my way some of those things are but not limited to. The death of my father, Moving, Expansion meetings, the other day to day Items of running a makerspace, my normal job, and ect…
I have never said you cant talk to them. However unless a BOD or officer calls and make the request they will not change anything in the galley. I asked that you make the request so we can do that. If you want to call and talk to them as your own person by all means do so…… also if you are willing to volunteer please find one of us and offer your help.


what about Josta? Josta - Wikipedia

We could roll like the LAN parties from my high school days with Bawls.

Also their marketing makes me feel old now…

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