Decent Camera to Borrow?

Does anyone have, or know anyone who has, a decent camera that I can borrow? Full Disclosure: I would be flying up to Boston to take a family photo for Thanksgiving. We can’t seem to find anyone who has availability for under $1,000. I was hoping that I could borrow a decent enough camera that I could take a photograph that could be used in a roughly 11x14 portrait. Doesn’t need to super great, just moderately better than a cell phone camera.

for what you are asking sounds like a camera phone is sufficient enough. unless your planning on staging something outdoors/long distance from the camera - a modern iphone or android should be perfect for that. just find a camera stand and adapter on amazon and your good for life.

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Okay, that’s what all of us told my brother, who’s organizing it, but he’s being a snob.

I should also probably update, we found a camera up there, so it’s supposed to no longer necessary. Thank you everyone who messaged me! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


There’s always Lens Rentals. I’ve rented different lenses for my DSLR before

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