December Kiln News


Cool, some of the stuff was just put on there today! Was there a drying phase, or did it go straight to bisque? If so, hoping they’ll make it.


We were wondering the same thing. :thinking:


There was a few pieces that was too wet and did not go in. Also we do a 2 hour preheat as a precaution to ensure the pieces are safe.


Woot. Looks like I can do some throwing next week!


Bisque fire unloaded this morning. Final glaze fire before the holiday will be loaded at 10:15am today!!:grinning: Come and get your bisque babies and take em home!


@Liamluu got glaze loaded! There are still items left on the shelf, he squeezed in as much as possible. I don’t know details of who’s pieces are who’s but Firing Team left notes for those of concern. Glaze for pickup should be ready sometime Monday.


Here’s the items left on the glaze shelves


Glaze unloaded tonight!!


Final unload bisque and glaze of December 2018! :blush::blush::blush:


That baby head really does get around, haha. I feel like I may need it in my life at some point too.


I am making two of him: one with red LEDs inside, and one as an incense burner. :laughing:


I think we need a ceramics challenge like the 10 x 10 of all the creepy, cool and or creative things done with this head.