December Kiln News


Picture taker while Brenda unloaded glaze. Another glaze will be going in tonight. Lots of cool things! Glaze shelf is quite full so when you can, please retrieve your items. Some more of the dip glaze pieces came out and look nifty!

Additionally, in Ceramics meeting tonight we discussed the work in progress (WIP) pieces. The WIP was labeled on Nov 11 and will be cleared Dec 11 (that’s next Tues!). Bisque and glazed pieces were labeled on Nov 28 and will be cleared by end of month (EOM).


Glaze unloaded.


Bisque unloaded.


Another bisque unloaded


So excited to come in and glaze tonight!!! (Even if it is raining


Glaze unloaded


I’m such a creeper - I love everyone’s work!

Ahhhh, that adorable white Christmas-y looking one, is that Stephanie’s!? Or is it yours? Either way, it’s beautiful! My grandma would love if I could do something like that…perhaps one day.


Dang, the glaze jobs are on point. Very cool


That might be a decal. If it’s painted, that’s a delicate touch.


Glaze unload

Ornaments made on 11/27

Tentative firing schedule. We’re trying to squeeze as many firing in as possible before the christmas to accommodate the latecomer.


What do the colors mean? Bisque and Glaze? I’m still new, so I don’t know what everything means yet. :blush:


Green usually indicates greenware and purple is glaze.


It’s okay. They didn’t explain it to the rest of us, either…


Ooooo green is for greenware, lol, got it! Thank you!


Edit: Scratch that, misread. :slight_smile:


Thanks @cmcooper0 now I have a song stuck in my head
:notes: ch-ch-ch-changesss


Yay firing team!! All greenware are in!!


Looks painted, or stamped decals fire way cooler like the 017-019 ish range.


Nice work everyone!