Decal printer for ceramics?

Just saw this ad, thought the ceramics gang might be interested.


That is interesting. However, $1K? On the one hand, DMS spends more. On the other hand, that’s a chunk.

OOh that’s cool. Would be interested for sure but dang $500 for toner refill. Would probably be a decently expensive consumable

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And 50 sheets of decal paper for $100. Granted, that’s only $2/sheet, but we’d have to be sure folks were covering cost.

The toner cartridges don’t give an estimate sheet count, but that’s probably very dependent on how dense your print was.

Dang! You buy separate printers for the black and the blue!

Yeah depending on how fast that toner is gone through might be $2.50-$3.00 a sheet total. Still pretty worth, the results are very cool. However, it’s also pretty niche and if we don’t use it enough then it may be tough to justify.

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