Damaged large parallel

I was using the large parallels as a spacer so that I didn’t hit the vice with an end mill. During my milling progress, I shifted things to drill a hole and one of the parallels shifted below the hole, unbeknownst to me. I then proceeded to drill my hole and it wouldn’t go through when I realized that parallel was there. There is a small dimple from the drill bit with a raised edge. It doesn’t affect the side that is used for raising items off of the base of the vice, but it does seem to affect them if you stack them side by side, deflecting slightly. I have left the damaged parallel on the table by the small HAAS for inspection by someone who can make the determination if it can be put back on the shelf. Please let me know if I need to pay for the damages.

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Perhaps some Surface Grinder potential here, maybe only for practice but still …