Damage to Lathe tools and Accessories

Over the past three weeks there has been an uptick in tool and equipment damage.

I have found and fixed three roughing gouge tools with significantly bent shafts since the beginning of August.
Two parting tools have been found bent.
One tool rest for the Jet lathes was badly bent.

I’d like to think that the individual(s) responsible are just in need of refresher training in lathing basics.

I’d also like to think that the people responsible want to enjoy turning -The tool catches that have caused some of this damage would leave me wishing I’d worn Depends!

Open Invite - If you need a refresher please DM me or catch me when I’m here and we can spend some time going over the basics - No fees/classes, commentary about damages etc… Let’s get you trained up and using the lathes properly.


Oh sorry, I was using a roughing gouge against the tool rest as a pry bar to dislodge some golf balls from my pet alligators mouth. I didn’t realize that wasn’t allowed.


I thought pets weren’t allowed at the space?? We need to consider a ban here!! But not until you audit my class tomorrow…:grinning:


He’s my therapy Gator (named Bert Reynolds). I have the paperwork from the government and everything.


In that case… Do you let him on the couch with you?

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I did not know you were the mayor.

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This raises some safety concerns.

Causing a “significantly bent shaft” could likely originate from a major catch - and the face/eye implications are serious. I see people in there routinely wearing their “normal” glasses while using the lathe; sometimes safety glasses, and occasionally the full mask (which of course could be worn over prescription glasses).

I know we have at least one full face mask. Do we have more than one? Is the shield in good shape, or is it seriously scratched? Do we need another full face mask?


Hi John,

We do have several masks that are used but usable - Enough for all of the lathes plus a few extra. New shields are one of the things we should consider every 2-3 months based on what I’ve seen.

The type of damage I’ve been seeing is consistent with large work pieces and I think there is also a risk of the catch pulling the user in to the work as well as a sizeable chunk of material coming off of the lathe FWIW.


We have about 6 full face shields. They get sweaty, which might be why people choose not to use them.

That they certainly do!:relieved:.

I wear them pretty much as a matter of course because of days like this. And because when I’m working with rough wood I’ve had more than a few pieces of a bowl break free and zing off of my shield. It might improve my looks but I think it’s saved me a few stitches in the ER.

For anyone looking for a personal shield I’d highly recommend the Uvex Bionics. It seems to breathe better than most and is often on sale on Amazon in the $25 range.


Shame on you, but in your defense you should probably
use the auto lift and holding your pet down while standing on it.
Good Luck, Ed
btw, any idea when we might have an opportunity to
try another egg class? Saw Brian Blohm last night at the Denton club and
it got my desires to try that resin stuff(again)

I might just need to do a one on one with you for that. Classes being limited as they are to help control the budget and all. How’s your October look?

October, so far…
Have the Trinity Council hands on school Thursday thru Sunday 17th- 20th
7th Golden Triangle mtg 5-10PM
10th Hunt County mtg “”""
15th North Texas Woodworkers 7-9PM
Friday and Wednesday mornings Plain-O-Helpers and church PALS
Fairly open otherwise as I’m retired.
Be glad to come your way or here if that suits.
Hope we can get it going, Ed

I have a few I need to make as well for gifts so we can do a side by side. Takes 2 sessions. One to prep the wood and cast the resin, then a 2nd session at least 24 hrs later to turn. Cost of materials is roughly $20-30 depending on how large you want to go with it.

I remembered the two day and estimated cost.

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