Dallas Makerspace- TikTok Acct

Well this account is up and running!

If anyone would like to follow our TikTok

Also the PR committee is making a central location for members to drop pics and videos to a shared location for us to grab and post.

Any one is welcome to volunteer and help with social media from any committee!

Follow our TikTok



How do we opt out of having any of our material included in TikTok feeds?


Just don’t post in show in tell. There is a line in the description of show and tell that says we will use these images for social media. If you don’t want your images or projects, just don’t put in that feed.



OK, thanks. I’ll go remove my prior postings.

EDIT: I’m not opposed to social media. Just TikTok.


Also, I’ll try and make sure to remember if I see your name with images not to post.

There is about 3 of us currently that post but I’ll remind them as well.

Gotcha! Just mention in your show and tell post not to post on TikTok maybe at the bottom under your description. I know it’s a touchy subject with data and the current business owner of that platform.


The juice isn’t worth the squeeze in my opinion.


Someone alert me when we finally get an OnlyFans account, please.


I was waiting for this comment!!

DMS OF - let’s go!

But we did joke about it in the Pr meeting the other night!


My company banned TikTok. To much work with DOD and FEDs


This is exciting news - thank you so much for setting this up! :slight_smile:

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There should be a blanket opt-in requirement per account before any member content is posted to Tik Tok.

I will not be opting in.

Tablesaw and Haas Mill ASMR videos when?

I’ll be there Thursday evening if you are! :slight_smile:

Somehow, all of this joking around reminded me of the guy who wanted to teach classes on erotic japanese rope binding (or whatever it was…there is some goofy hard-to-pronounce name for it). This was back in the day…Not kidding, true story.

But I guess it would have made for good tiktok content. Someone could really influence the crap out of that stuff.

There is apparently a hearse with an OnlyFans page. The lady who posts the hearse has a YT video explaining it.

Too funny. And just for more transparency, we are only planning on pushing out marketing materials that are highly edited and filmed to highlight the space, like machinery, events, tours with consent. Not member specific projects, that’s more for IG on the show and tell topic :slight_smile:

Hope everyone has a good rest of the day!

Now I’m thinking of some random alias for an OF haha! I don’t even want that history anywhere in my browsers!


That MIGHT be Hailey Rose. She has stuff about her hearse all over pinterest, facebook, youtube, instagram, etc…

Interesting side story to that. She’s actually a welder and metal fabricator.

I remember that. Not sure the class was actually taught.
Don’t think there’s a way to do a key word search on the event cal.
During or shortly after the Walter era.