Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - March 2019

Did you shoot a throwing knife?!

Ninja star!

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So maybe that’s what brought the Po Po to DMS!
Just kidding …

I wish i could like that more than once. You have become win…

You need to modify the banana clip with magnets so it can hold additional shuriken on either side.

It already has magnets to hold additional shurikens. They just all fall off due to the impact of the spring. It would need some sort of cradle or dock, or a much stronger magnet.


Maybe use diagonal slots with magnets as backup? Something like this?


The handle on our mailbox broke. Though the mailbox is … uh … more than a year old and probably should be replaced I decided to 3D print a new handle.


I have been attaching plant spikes to random things that weren’t meant to be attached to plant spikes to make ceramic plant waterers.


Thanks to @squaredroots for teaching the Metaza class. I know have a pen with my name on it!

The vise was very easy to use.


3D painted necklace from Shelly’s class. Amazingly easy and such a fun class!


I love to make, I had a very productive day, had a great time in pottery, kicked up my resin skills and unloaded a kiln full of glass.

Resin and ink not a class, just something I fiddled with.

Shot glass class

The Glass department is coming very soon.


What sort of ink(s)? It’s much more opaque than I would expected. Very cool.

Alcohol, it’s the same technique used on the shot glass.


Laser cut ring initial attempt. Is also my new rfid badge.


These are some Tig welded stainless Steel tomato cages, i used SS hog rings to assemble, one is 60", the other 40" , tapered hexagon, 12" cord length at bottom, 10" at top. I learned that i need about 15 seconds of post flow on shielding gas, 3-4 seconds max to make the joint, at 5 seconds the heat spreads too far and the joint will slump. Definitely improved my puddle flow skills on this.


Wow! Nice work, Randy! Those look beefy! My tomato plants can pretty much knock down anything, but I doubt they’d knock down those.

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Thanks, I still have plans to make some stakes that I can drive in to keep them from blowing over in a high wind, but I have a little time before I need those.

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Nice project on which to practice/perfect your TIG skills.

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