Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - April 2019

My new exhaust didn’t have the mount specific to my transmission, so I made an out of focus one and welded it on.


I took @Lordrook’s “keyring with secret compartment” class last night. My first resin-turning experience, and I didn’t blow it up! Yay me! Yay professional supervision! Steve may call it a “secret compartment,” but I think ima call it “sewing needle case.”


SteamPunk Nixie Tube Clock based on Arduino, with RTC and a special anti-cathode poisoning routine to keep the tubes healthy. Those Nixies were made in Ukraine in 1973, and they’re still running beautifully.


Very cool! And kudos for using the name of the country correctly.

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Two recent pen completions on the Jet Lathes in the woodshop; the dark one is a PSI Classic Rollerball with African Blackwood, the lighter of the two is a PSI Executive pen with Honey Locust. Both sanded through 600grit and finished with a little bit of tung oil.


I have been picking the brains of several resin-happy members every chance I get and I wanted to share. I’m very new to working with resin, but I’m loving what I’m doing so far. These coasters are my absolute favorite thus far.


Very nice! What are the outsides made from?

It’s cork! I found them at Ikea!


These are from my “secret wood” pendent class today (combined with wire bezels from last month) and my secret compartment key chain class on Friday. Too much fun!!


Results from Friday’s keychain class.


A couple of things I’ve made this month so far. Crescent moon hair fork, resin/wood dragon egg, galaxy pen blanks and pens.


Is this the honey locust I gave you a month or so back? If so that turned out nice, the grain looks beautiful.

No, I actually made that into a pen already, this is some old cracked olivewood I got a few years ago. It was cheap because it was so cracked but I thought it was perfect for resin hybrids.


Yep - and I never got a chance to thank you for it. The grain is amazing; pictures don’t do it justice.

So, thanks for the amazing pen blanks!

Awesome, that is exciting as I have about 20 of them still at home. Guess I need to get one turned so I can see it myself. Glad you enjoyed it and you’re welcome.

Had this slab for a year now. Happy to get it going. First resin pour today!


Soooooo much money in resin. How many total liters will you need and what brand epoxy are you using?

This is Alumilite Clear. Tried Ecopoxy before this but I couldn’t get it to work right for me and was 2x the cost (but can pour up to 4" thick). Alumilite is my go to and I’m comfortable with it. For this table… I calculated about 4 gallons.

That’s awesome, how many pours will you end up doing?

3-4, 1 gallon each.

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