Dallas Makerspace Show and Tell - August 2016

Three Dallas Makerspace members killed it at QuakeCon this year and walked away with three awards for themed computer cases and from scratch computer cases. A huge round of applause for these folks (they can post here if they want to be identified).


Repaired the broken Ryobi sawzall. Turns out a screw had fallen out internally and gotten stuck inside the motor. It doesn’t sound so good anymore, but at least it can chooch a little while longer.


A solid brass bodied pen turned on the metal lathe. Nice and hefty.


This is an aluminum lettering guide for 1 1/2" belt straps to help keep the letters straight. Donated to CA.

“IF” I ever do another, it will be in delrin so I can cut it on the table saw. This was a pain.


Garmin GPS power plug + 2-port Car USB charger + hot glue + Sugru = all in one power station for single lighter car.


Constructed an acrylic vitrine (thanks to the excellent class by @jlcourtman, to house a set of miniatures I have been constructing for a couple years. Routed a white delrin base and attached a turntable.

Laser cut/turned components to make the “wedding cake” stand.

These miniatures comprise a set of boxes (+ bags / baskets), with one to represent each letter of the alphabet. I hand made each “box” and about 99% of the accessories; all from scratch. I laser-cut the alphabet, and then filled the stand with all the miniatures.

Here is a selection of some items with significant Makerspace content:


Loooove the miniatures!
(And if you ever want tiny yarn skeins/balls, I can hook you up, or come to spinning class and learn it yourself.) :slight_smile:

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Reposting from project thread


I made a camera mount for a car last week with PVC pipe and glass holding suction cups from Harbor Freight. I found the idea of using the cheap suction cups on YouTube after looking at higher dollar options meant to be used for filming from cars. It seemed a bit crazy but so far so good.

It needs to be a little beefier because it was wobbling up and down on bumps which was showing up as sine waves on frames. I’m going to 3D print some braces to go between the pipes. The test video is below. The eventual montage video will have music, cuts, and lots of locations at varying times of day. I suggest fullscreen mode for the video.


I took the torch-fired enameling class a couple weeks ago. Then it got too close to some beads. Made a necklace. (sterling silver wire, beads are lapis, chatoyant malachite, azurite, three types of turquoise, pearl, and austrian crystal).

Yeah, and my trigger finger mighta got itchy, causing a big yummy enamel sampler to magically appear on my doorstep today.


You might be getting that play from the hood itself.

That’s a possibility but it seems pretty solid. This is what the sine wave like artifacts look like. I’ll post again after testing with the 3D printed braces installed.

Dude Luke that footage is amazing. Was it terrifying to suction cup your DSLR to your car?

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Tomb Dragon on the CNC Router…

Fresh off the Multicam, using a piece of Cherry…

A little detail

The finished piece, inlaid into a piece of Peruvian Walnut…

Inscription on the back, using diamond drag bit and brass sheet.


A custom wrench I made in 15 minutes that while it may look like crap saved me hours of time by preventing me from having to order or drive all over town looking for one.

…and yes it was made with a box of scrap.


Actually sounds like something I could use.



You blow me away with this! What an amazing display of talent!!

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Whoo-hoo! I’ll let you teach next time- looks like you are way ahead of
me! Beautiful stuff!!!

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Drooling! Every month this gets better and better!


I watched it happen from the passenger seat and short of a few of the harder jolts learned to trust the suction cup mount.