Dallas Makerspace Gift Certificates are now available!


Just in time for holiday gift giving. We now have Gift Certificates towards Dallas Makerspace Memberships available for purchase.

The gift cards are available in $50 and $540 increments until the day after Christmas, then they will go to $60 and $648 increments due to the Jan 1, 2019 price increases.

They can be purchased here: https://accounts.dallasmakerspace.org/accounts/index.php?m=giftcard

These gift certificates are good towards membership payments only, they can not be used for supplies, materials, etc.



Nicely done @StanSimmons :slight_smile:

Just checking for clarification, but I assume $50 now is still $50 worth of dues that might cost $60 later? I’m guessing it’s purely $50 due to wording, but not too hung up if you decide the card is “1 month of membership”. I assume they could be applied student rates as well?


The way the software works, it is a dollar value, not a month value. So if you purchase a $50 cert now that you want to give for someone to use in March, 2019, then that person will need to add $10 for the $60 account. I’ll put the new price gift certs up on line the day after Christmas, (or earlier if there is demand.)


That makes sense, and I could see it being a total PITA any other way.

I feel like you might need to offer it a bit earlier expecting people to possibly not get around to using it until after New Years?

In any event, nicely done.


The 2019 rate gift certs are already built, I just have to make them visible when there is enough demand to offset the confusion of having two different “monthly” and two different “yearly” gift cards available.


This is Awesome!


Can the giftcerts be applied to accounts for current members?


Yes, the gift certs can be used by any DMS Member, past, present of future to pay for membership dues.


If it’s for an existing member, then their dues will still be $50 after New Years.


I guess I’m going to ask my stupid questions:

  1. is “diviable” a word I’m not familiar with, or a typographical error for “divisible”? Either way, what does this imply?
    Because I’m thinking: if I gift a $35.00/month member a $50.00 gift card, what happens to $15.00 when said member attempts to redeem? Do they get a $15.00 credit towards another month? Or does it just disappear (which might be the implication of undiviable)?
    Which brings me to my second question/suggestion:
  2. I’d just go ahead and make the $60.00/648s available immediately, because who’s going to bitch about getting a Christmas gift of a full month, plus $10.00 (or more) towards next month’s cost?

PS: this is also good marketing, right? First month free, and if you join by December, $10.00 of January’s dues, too!


I’m guessing that “diviable” is either a misspelling or mistranslation of divisible. It is probably a french-Canadian thing. I’ve put in a ticket on it with the vendor. I’m not terribly worried about it. :wink:

The diviable thing is more along the lines of someone buying a $1000 gift card and dividing it up to give out as 10 $100 cards. I don’t want to have to deal with the overhead of having that kind of setup. (I did look into it, and while feasible, it is a PITA for volunteer labor to keep track of.)

The gift card shows up as a credit on the account when it is redeemed. Account credits are processed before paypal or credit/debit cards. So if a $50 gift card is given to a “starving hacker” rate member, they will have a $50 credit immediately when they redeem the gift card. When the membership comes due the system will pull $35 from the credit, leaving $15. The next month the system will pull $15 from the credit and $20 from the members credit card.


My dad would like to get me a gift card for Christmas but he’s not a member so he can’t log in. Is it possible for a non-member to buy a gift card?


You don’t have to be a member to buy a gift card.


After clicking “order now” you get this login request, and there’s no way to create an account on this page. Would you know how to get around this/what to do?


You have to create an account in WHMCS. I think that is the correct Alphabet soup. That is not a DMS membership though. It is a PITA. My apologies.


Hmmm… There is currently not an easy way for a non-member to create a billing account without creating a membership. I’m looking into how to set that capability up.

In the mean time, you can send an email to [email protected] with a request to create a billing account. I will need name, address, email, and phone to create an account. after it is created, you can login and add credit/debit card info an purchase the gift card.


Thank you both so much!