Cuting 2 1/2" exhaust pipe, which saw?

I have a two foot section of 2 1/2 inch mild steel exhaust pipe that I need to make several cuts on. I need three 5 inch long sections cuts from the pipe with as clean of a cut as possible. I have a sawzall at home, but don’t think I can get the clean cut that I need from it. Do we have a band saw for metal that I can use to cut these sections? Is there one in the Machine shop?


Machine shop or metal shops bandsaw should work fine. If you use metal shops, place a piece of rubber(old mouse pad, jar opener should work) in the clamp to keep it from spinning.

We also have a portaBand. the problem you will have with the metal shop horizontal bandsaw is that your pipe is a bit short. Angle grinders also work really well, use tape and cut just proud of the tape then use a die grinder with 60 grit to grind it to the tape edge