Current status of laser software

I’ve only been back to the space once since it opened, and at that time, RDWorks was working via the jump server and also on the computer at the only working laser.

Now it seems that neither RDWorks or the (apparently) recommended alternative, Lightburn, are working on the remote server. For Lightburn, appears to be a licensing issue.

I’m hoping to avoid an unnecessary drive if the laser isn’t usable due to no licensed software. Are the lasers and corresponding computers at the space fully set up with working software?

It really would be nice to be able to do a test load of the DXF files using the actual software while still at home, to minimize time sitting at the laser trying to get something to work.

Any guidance?

Many thanks,



While you would think that posting a message in the appropriate category would be enough, it seems like the folks that could answer your question are sufficiently busy that they don’t always scan the category. Tagging the team takes it a step up…

Lightburn was working Thursday night on both Lasers that were up.

Thanks! Is there a way to try it out on the remote server first?

That I do not know.

Plus, today is committee meeting and maintenance in laser. They are likely only now approaching “finish” if my previous experience is an indication.

RDWorks is a free download. That will allow to do a sanity check from home. Please note though, saving it at home as a RDWorks file isn’t a bad idea. RDWorks is notorious for For not recognizing its own file format from one computer to another.
Lightburn was available for $10 with a code provided by DMS. I don’t know if that is still the case, as I’ve been gone 9 months or more.