Current Dip Glazes?

What dip glazes do we currently have? _______________________________

We currently have no community dip glazes. We are actually in the process of getting them up and running though.

John and I have made up our small batches of clear and white test glazes and I will be making test tiles in the next couple of days.

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Oh, i thought i saw a couple of the 5 gal buckets with dip glaze labels last time i was up and i just couldn’t t remember what colors they were

You might have and they might work but they have not been used in a while I think.

Last time I looked there was some strontium crystal-warm (nice, has to be layered for the better results) and a bit of the oribe (lovely, but crazes, not food safe) left. I can stop by on my way home this afternoon and double check, it has been a while.

If you aren’t already going, you don’t need to stop and check on my account. I’ll be up in the next few days. :slight_smile:

I was coming up 35 anyway, nbd.

We have a small amount of Strontium CM in both warm and cool. You /can/ apply it alone but the results are pretty bland, layering is where it is at. Warm does nicely on top of high iron glazes. Both are matte/semi-matte if on top. Not food safe. (Strontium almost always comes along with a bit of barium, fun!)

Also small amounts of Selsor Oribe and Selsor Tenmoku. The oribe always crazes, but very attractively if that’s something you are into so also NFS. Very tiny amount of Floating Blue, could hydrate and drizzle if so inclined.

Could probably dip very small pieces but if anything a little larger, grab a clean receptacle and a rack and do pourovers.

These glazes also run quite a bit so please make sure to label your piece as such or create a cookie for it.