Crochet-along starting, Lost in Time shawl

We’ve been discussing this in person at Fiberfrolics and on FB group “Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics” but I thought I’d put this on Talk for any that would be interested in joining in. You can post here periodically or in FB group

For the uninitiated, CAL or KAL are crochet or knit-alongs where many of the hive-mind fiber community simultaneously create an object from the same pattern. In this case, a shawl.

For CAL folks:

Pattern: Lost in Time shawl by Johanna Lindahl
It’s flexible on yarn size and finished size
Pattern calls for fingering weight, several of us using DK/sport-weight (can alter repeats for size)
Free pattern
Lots of projects on Ravelry for color/yarn ideas

(Posted on FB):

I think a lot of folks have their materials now. Some have asked about when starting. Ha. That almost sounds like we’re organized or something crazy like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, start now?!!!

Fiberfrolic is tomorrow, so if you want to start then, bring your stuff.

There’s also a beginning crochet class that night (different room and assuming it still has space, see calendar, need to register, limited spots). Or we can refresh you on the fly in the fiberfrolic.

For those that want to jump in, it’s fine to start whenever, don’t feel like you’re behind.

Also fine if you are doing this remotely (not physically coming to DMS fiber events). Just post pics in this group occasionally is totally fine.

We’re using free pattern linked below (scroll down for English link). The page for it on Ravelry has oodles of projects/colors folks are doing. Several of us are using lion brand mandala yarn (3-4 skeins depending on size wanted).


That’s a beautiful shawl. When will the necessary fashion advice be taught about how to wear a shawl so I don’t look like a burrito?



Ha. Can’t help you there. I’m in same boat but decided I don’t care. Gonna make mine big and squooshy and warm. But at least it’ll be a decorative burrito.

Maybe you need to make one… :innocent:

Come on in. Join us. The water’s fine.