Creative metal shop recommendations?

Hello… I posted this the other day on the Discord but copying it here as I realize not everyone is on that platform…

Can anyone recommend a friend or colleague who may have a small fab shop looking for work? I design stage props for theatrical shows/entertainment and was originally going to leverage the Space to learn skills myself but I just don’t have the time so I’d rather work with someone who already has that under their belt.

To give you an idea, this work is (initially) for stage illusions, Copperfield type stuff. An effect I designed earlier in 2023 was on America’s Got Talent and I’m gearing up for another round on that show (different performer).


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Bruce Chadwick in Fort Worth is an illusion builder with a fab shop.

Thanks! Yeah I know Bruce, very nice guy. We will definitely work together. Only issue at the moment is that these current designs are almost entirely metal fab and Bruce is pretty much wood.

If only Walter Blaney’s metal fab guy was still alive….we should chat. I am a life long SAM and IBM member.

Definitely! I’m not sure how to send a private message on here, maybe I don’t have the perms yet, but shoot me a message let’s connect!

Your profile says “Basic”, so you can initiate a PM. Click on the person’s name or the big letter/picture. You get a pop-up that includes a box that says “Message”. Click that to go…


That worked, thank you!

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