Creative Arts Committee - April Meeting

April 12, 2021.
7 p.m.

If attending in person:
Interactive Classroom (south end of space)

If attending remotely:
Google Meet -

At this time, the only agenda item I am aware of is the semi-annual Chair Election.

I am not running for re-election. (aka "Not it!)
@Edenblue, @CaryF300 and @jnorine have already called “Not It!”
Perhaps one of you is interested in becoming “it”.

The main responsibility is managing the monthly meetings;

  • Scheduling said meeting on the DMS calendar
  • Posting an agenda to the wiki
  • Posting a notice to TALK, and presumably for at least the near future
  • Scheduling the online Google Meet for members to participate remotely.
  • Contacting SIG leaders/regular instructors to see if there items with significant price tags requiring committee approval that need to be added to the agenda (technically anything over $200, although I think it’s good to discuss anything over $100 that isn’t a routine consumable.)
  • Conducting the committee meeting - making a list of attendees, having someone take minutes/notes
  • Posting minutes to the wiki post-meeting
  • If purchase approvals were made and don’t require board approval, make arrangements with a Purchasing Agent to order the approved item(s).

In the past, the committee chair has also been a Purchasing Agent. However, I chose to have the previous chair, @Starreyedgirl, continue with the purchasing position, so I didn’t have to. She was agreeable because that was something she could do in her spare time fairly easily. As a committee, the SIG leaders concurred that having the purchasing done by a third party helps add a layer of fiscal responsibility - basically someone to ensure that approvals have been made when needed, and minutes backing that up are readily available. (paper trail = happy finance committee)

The committee chair is (technically) responsible for seeing that as AD approvals for various committee equipment is earned, these members get added to the appropriate AD list(s).
I’ll be the first to admit, I suck at that detail. C’est la vie.

The chair is responsible for keeping track of the committee budget. In the past few months, the Finance Committee has migrated the space from “budgeting via class teaching” to using an actual budget. Which is a whole lot easier. The Finance gang developed a budget, assigning a budget figure for each six-month term for a committee chairman - of which you have a monthly figure to work with. Easy peasy.

Peripheral responsibilities include (1) behavior management - I.e. intervening when members abuse/damage our equipment unnecessarily or neglect to clean up after themselves. (2) deciding whether offers of donations are items that the committee wants/needs, (3) the ubiquitous “other duties as assigned”.

While that may sound daunting, with the current “in person participation” numbers being relatively low, it has been a pretty achievable task. And that was in spite of the fact that I’m not good at delegation, really. If you are a good delegator, you would rock the job.

My buddy Jake (below) is my main motivation for moving on.

Going to the dog park and going for walks are a big part of my daily existence these days. Because when you’re still technically a puppy, this stuff is IMPORTANT. (he has a short attention span. And here you see him judging me for typing on the computer instead of taking him for another walk. Loser Mom, I say!)


Not it as well, but I will come in this week and see how much software updating I can get done so the inbound nominee wont have to deal with that aspect


Thank you Judy for all you do and you have helped way beyond just CA. Take a break and enjoy that puppy and some deserved time off.


Harp-sicle concurs: idiot bipeds MUST spend moar time serving furries, less time on computermajigers.


Bump… Just a reminder that the election is this Monday. You too can be a committee chair! Make your friends and neighbors jealous, avoid paparazzi, the glitz, the glamour, the whole 9.


Bump (again) and Boogie.

Meeting tonight.
Chair election.
Whatever other bright shiny objects attract our attention.