Create a cnc machine

If there’s a group that would like to build a cnc machine, I think we can get the parts within reason. I can buy everything for the first iteration and we can determine the most cost effective way of replicating it that way it’s available to everyone.

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I”ve been thinking about this for a while myself. But I’m not interested in building from scratch.I’ve had several friends go down the patch of building there own CNC machines from scratch and they landed up spending thousands more than they planned or thought… the link above for about $4500 it could be up and running in a few weeks… training for the rest of DMS in short order…

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That’s a fast solution! There are a few morors that have a greater torque and rotational velocity for around $200 these can handle the the dense polymers of maple, oak, ect… The rails will need to be either pure steel or a composite to reduce bending or miscalibration. The smaller stepper motors are cheaper and reliable, which all can be tuned with an edge computing device. Open source G code interpreters are plentyful. Best Free CNC Software [2022] (CAD,CAM, Control,Simulation) - MellowPine I’m an engineer and program for a living, so this should be easy.

There are a lot of members who are interested in fair and equitable access to a capable CNC machine. Also within machine shop. With the Chinese-made linear rails and water-cooled spindles, the entire Z-axis could be had for not a whole lot. You could charge some nominal training fee, then sign off anybody with a pulse, replacing the parts whenever they break.

And with the Shapeoko, that’s basically the same thing. The sign-off is easy and the training is offered regularly, and the machine is more capable than many people expect. The biggest limitation has always been the other makers. The MultiCAM is for making cabinets and signs. The HAAS is for making aluminum parts. The Shapeoko is technically for plastics. You could look at the MultiCAM spec sheet and say that it would be perfect for your miniature Colosseum. Well, other Makers might not feel comfortable letting you cut your stuff on it, regardless of what the spec sheet says. And it can be frustrating, especially if the others dismiss you without even knowing what it is that your project entails.

Just having a capable, affordable CNC router will not satisfy the membership’s demands. What new members are really after is the challenge and feeling of accomplishment that they get by learning to communicate with the machine, by making parts that fit together and work well, or by making a cabinet that really brings the room together. This requires more than the right kind of servos. It needs an environment where people can learn but they can also make mistakes. It requires lesson plans, and empathy, and communication skills, and a bunch of other bullshit. The reason that guy keeps on saying how long it’s all taking and how nobody wants to help him, is very likely at least in part due to the fact that those tasks involve a different skillset and it actually takes time to implement.

In my case, I really, really wanted to build my own so I ended up taking that route. Resultantly, I’m too busy (grind cross braces, cut caster brackets, wire enclosure, strain relief for steppers, etc. etc.) so I really don’t have time to commit to anything besides whinging on Talk. However, if anybody were to place a shiny gantry mill at the Makerspace with the computer hooked up and ready to upload, and free for use… I promise I wouldn’t complain about it a whole lot. Good luck.

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If anyone is interested in building their own MPCNC, i have all of the part printed. I abandoned the project after determining that I didn’t really have the space for the machine. My loss is your gain. Not looking for anything for these pieces

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Actually, we have 2 Shapeokos. There’s a smaller one that belongs to Woodshop, besides the bigger one we’ve designated as being for plastics.

For the space-limited user who wants a cnc router, check out Maslow:


I’ve seen those… great price but space is an issue for me

It’s definitely still big, but less big than the Multicam! Maslow makes working with full sheet goods possible for a lot of garage users who don’t have room for a full-sheet flatbed CNC.

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That why I was looking at the open build 60” I think I can suspended from the ceiling of my garage… until I need it… ???

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I’ve heard of people running a regular gantry routers sideways. It doesn’t fold out, they just mount the workpiece vertically with the machine bolted against a wall. Whatever method, just make sure you’re taking care of your back w/r/t ergonomics.


This is the build I was considering starting. It’s built out of extruded aluminum and 3D printed parts mostly. For $25, he provides the part files and a bill of materials.