COVID Question regarding Auto Parts Washer and Vapor Hone

Once DMS re-opens, what precautions/restrictions will be implemented when using such equipment as the automotive parts washer and the vapor hone, et al?. How are the rubber arm-gloves on this equipment to be cleaned/sterilized after each use? How will other equipment in other labs be affected?

I sort of doubt there is a good/practical way to sterilize those. Maybe place hand saniztizer close by, require its use before using the equipment, and assume your hands are contaminated afterward - i.e., go wash them immediately when done.

That’s really going to be true of virtually all tools at the space and even if you’re using your own stuff there are doorknobs, tabletops, etc.

But the concern over hands is overblown. That’s not the primary way respiratory viruses spread - it was misinformation put out to keep people from buying masks. Masks and distancing are much more important than handwashing (though handwashing is important).


If you ask around auto I think most regulars will tell you to wear gloves when using the parts washer gloves, they’re probably dirty as they’re used by everyone, they could have any number of oils/grease/etc down there from the last person and there’s often a small tear or hole and you can get the cleaning solution on you during long uses.

It’s hard for us to rely on people to do certain tasks, I wouldn’t want to stake my well being on the person before me properly cleaning. Better IMHO to treat it like it hasn’t been cleaned and act accordingly.


Eh I wouldn’t say misinformation. People touch their mucus membranes often, and they do that with their hands.

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I don’t disagree but it’s just not a primary mode of spread for respiratory infections. There have been studies and studies of studies. You’re much more likely to catch it from the person talking to you than from your hands.

And they’ve already admitted the advice against masks was deliberate misinformation to prevent a run on them. Fauci literally said so.

Source please…

I wouldn’t put my ungloved hands into either of those machines before or after this “event”

No telling where the last person’s hands have been…


Yeah we’ve always recommended wearing your own gloves, on top of popping them inside-out so they can air out

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Gotta find it. I will. And Actually I might be mis-remembering and it could have been the Surgeon General. It was in an interview on a news network. I watch Fox and CNN almost exclusively so surely on one of the two.

I’ll find it.

But it was an overt admission that the early guidance against masks was to prevent a run on them.

The efficacy of mask-wearing has long been known in medical circles, including within Fauci’s NIH, which published the study below -and which is why they (medical workers) need them.

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