Cool images from decades(?) old film

So I recently bought an old Brownie Hawkeye Flash from Canton First Monday flea market, little realising that there was an exposed film in it. I sent it off to be developed and here are a couple of the images that came back. Obviously they’re a little degraded, but you can still make out the vehicles and buildings.

Kinda cool. Bonus points if you can identify anything!


Those would be great samples for a class on photograph enhancement using Photoshop or GIMP.

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Yeah, I played around with levels last night but it was late so didn’t put any real effort in. I’ll try when I get more time

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Years ago I bought a movie camera at an estate sale for Chuck Connors. It had film still in it. I never did develop the film. Chuck Connors (and Roy Rogers of course) were childhood heros of mine, and I figured that in the event film contained was something that would have cause shock or disappointment to my 6-10 year self, I’d rather not know. :slight_smile: Still, I’m a little curious, as I still have the camera and roll of film. Maybe when I get a little older. LOL