Converting MTS to MP4


Does anyone have an easy utility for converting MTS to MP4? Keeping in mind I need this for people who are not digitally savy, I need it very plug and play like Handbrake, and without bloatware and malware.

Or - do we have a jump sever program/license that can help me?



Handbrake is a free gui for the ffmpeg converter. Not sure about MTS, but it handles mp4 for sure. I’d be surprised if it couldn’t convert mts

edit and ignore me since I didn’t carefully read your first post :slight_smile:


I had forgotten bout handbrake when I posted, but since have remembered it and it’s chugging along…


I can’t resist something mentioning FFmpeg, even if it’s beyond the scope for the question. Maybe it’ll be useful to someone down the road.

Since MTS (MPEG Transport Stream – shoutout to Wiki) is basically H264 and an audio stream, it shouldn’t have any trouble remuxing to mp4.

Something simple like should suffice:

ffmpeg -i {inputfile.suffix} -codec copy {outputfile.suffix}

Additionally, it should be really fast – as it’s just a remux as opposed to having to re-encode the data.