Congratulations Greg Lewis - Newest certified MultiCam CNC user

Since Greg @melissajo was previously certified, he was only required to take the new table class from @budman before retesting. Since Greg is proficient using VCarve he was able to quickly create the test design.

Greg is a former school teacher who has moved into creating custom special event projects out of wood. Think giant party signs, letters and other items.


Hey Burt, thanks for sharing.

Hi everyone​:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:. Thanks for having me. I hope to meet you guys soon as we create :muscle:t4:.

Let me me if i could be of assistance.



@Greg_Lewis I want to learn and get certified with cnc, can you teach or know of anyone who does? TIA.



Sorry for the late reply. I can teach you, I just never taught at dms. Let me see how it works. I let you know.

Thanks @melissajo will wait to hear back from you.