Congrats to Dale Wheat for Passing Technician and General Amateur Radio License Exams at HAM-COM!

Passing two at a time is awesome! Sounds like you are moving on for Amateur Extra soon. Great.

The latest call issued in your series seems to be KI5FCL. Yours should be showing up soon.


@Team_Electronics Calling all hams .


Extra nice when you get the first two at once!

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You can now call Dale:

  • KI5FDS
  • Kilo India Five Foxtrot Delta Sierra
  • The newest ham at Dallas Makerspace!
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Congrats on your accomplishment.

Richard Meyer, AG5OB

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Congratulations on your accomplishment! I wish you many many hours of fun an exciting contacts. Be sure to attend some Field Day’s! They are the most fun I’ve ever had doing this!

Freddy Calvert, KJ4OLW


Now let’s work to make him the next newest ham at Dallas Makerspace…


Tagging @Dale_Wheat (seems appropriate for this thread).


Congratulations Dale from W9ECO

Congrats again to Dale for his new vanity call sign!

You can now call him:

  • K-I-5-S-M-E
  • Kilo India Five SIerra Mike Echo
  • K-I-5 Subject Matter Expert

You could also call him KI5S-ME but I will avoid that one!


Congrats here, too! Let’s get him involved in our VE Testing group.

Richard Meyer, AG5OB

Dale is General class and working on Extra. He definitely plans to participate in VE Testing…

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