Computer repair

I have two laptops and neither is working so wondering if there is anyone here that can help repair tgem?

Specifics will hep with this sort of query; what kind of laptops, how old, a bit more about what’s not working, etc.

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One is a HP pavillion and its about 6 yrs old. It runs super slow it takes forever just to load the home page. The second one is also an HP don’t know the model, since this won’t even power up.

Model number should be on case somewhere, usually the bottom. Same place serial number is, power requirements, etc.

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The first image is the info for one and the other 2 pics are for the second computer

Some ideas:

  1. Is it already running an SSD for its main drive? If not, I’d recommend installing one, as it’s probably the single greatest speed boost for the money.
  2. Reinstall a clean OS. Maybe give Linux a try if a clean Windows install is still slow.
  3. Open it up, clean out all the dust, and verify all the fans are working (and don’t make any unpleasant noises). If there’s tons of dust and cooling is impaired, the CPU might be throttling due to excessive temperatures.

Could be a variety of issues here. Do you get any lights on the computer when it’s plugged in?
If not, I’d verify the power adapter is working. Once that’s ruled out, I’d focus on the DC power jack.

Does the connection feel solid when you plug it in? Is there any wobbling? Does it seat fully?

Following that, I’d open it up and use a multimeter to test the voltage where the DC jack meets the motherboard (it’ll either be soldered directly, or, hopefully, connected via a cable). If the motherboard is getting power, then things get more complicated.