Computer in Automotive?

I had a member come into the Common Room this morning asking about the password for the computer in Automotive. He was needing to look up a YouTube video for the repair he was doing.

This is the first time I have heard about a computer in automotive. Is there one for use by general members? If so, how to go about getting access?

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If it’s the one mounted near the tool shelf, it’s just your AD login, we use it for shop manuals / youtube guides / etc.


Thanks. I was not aware of that.

I told him he can use one of the computers in the Common Room intended for joining and making a badge provided nobody else is waiting for it.

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Speaking of the computer in automotive.
How to report an issue?
It does not want to accept logins in the member field as of 05.11.19.
Even using the onscreen keyboard did not work.

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