COMPLETING BY 11:15 AM - RESCHEDULED to 9 AM Thursday 2024-01-11 Water testing / shutoff

Our landlord needs to perform another static pressure test on the sewer lines. As a result our drain lines will be unusable and it’s likely the water will be turned off as well. I.e. nothing that uses water or drains water will be available during this time including sinks and restrooms.

They are scheduled to be onsite at 9 AM. Based on my past experience they will need some time to setup and then will commence testing which is when we’ll be impacted so I can’t provide an exact start or end time but will update this post as it unfolds. If this goes like the last test I’d expect water and sewer to be shutoff for 1 to 2 hours.

EDIT: The test was not able to be performed today and is being rescheduled for sometime next week. I’ll update the heading when a time is confirmed.

Edit: Confirmed for tomorrow

Edit: Testing is wrapping up by 11:15 AM at which point it’s normal plumbing operations again :wink: