COMPLETED: Water Will be off Thursday 11 - 11:30 AM for about an hour for testing

Now that the foundation has been repaired a plumbing test/inspection is to potentially happen Monday morning at 9 AM. This will likely require the water be turned off for an hour or two. If the testing requires the water for the entire building to be turned off the test will be pushed to Thursday and this post will be updated.

Update 1: Monday morning was a walk through and planning session because of the way the building suite’s sewers are connected. A plan is in place to test the building and potentially a subset of suits (102/104 specifically) on Thursday AM starting around 9 AM. This testing involves blocking the sewer pipe(s) at strategic locations and then filling them up to see if they leak.

As such the water will be shut off. Please do not dump anything into the drains and screw up the test on Thursday morning.

Update 2: The water was not shut off on Monday, it will definitely be shut off on Thursday for the actual testing. The plumber is on site as of 9 AM and with the prep work he’s outlined the water is expected to be off around 10 AM and the sewer drains will be blocked for the test at that time. He’s expecting to be completed and off site by noon at the latest.

Update 3: The water will now be shutoff from about 11 to 11:30 and remain off for up to an hour. The prep work this morning revealed a number of potential issues and the decision was made by the landlord to shutoff the entire building and test.

Update 4: testing completed. Water restored.


Should probably put signs on the bathroom doors :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to volunteer to do so that would be fantastic.

As of this moment the water has been turned back on! It was off for about 40 minutes according to Ana the housekeeper.

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