Common Room Cleanup - Thanks!

Thanks to @heyheymama @jrkriehn @PearceDunlap @danielle_burbidge and others the common room is much nicer looking and way more usable! But, I forgot to take a picture before I left :sob:, so stop by and check it out.

Additionally, there are now 8 computers, setup and ready to be used (2x jump server, 3x design (Windows), 3x misc (mix of Windows and Linux)). If you need a mouse, keyboard, monitor, USB cable, power cable or Ethernet cable there are a ton on the white shelf in the room. Please be sure to return them (nicely spooled/coiled!) when you are done with them.

Also of note, the red chairs are under warranty (for 12 years!). So if you notice any issues with one, please tag it with a note and let @PearceDunlap know so he can get it fixed.


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A huge ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who volunteered today…rolling up their sleeves and working for several hours to make the Common Room MUCH cleaner; less cluttered; more organized; and a little bit less PC-centric (by dedicating a section where members can actually carry on a face-to-face conversation without having to lean around a bank of PC monitors to see who they’re talking to).

The Common Room is a space for ALL members to be able to congregate in an environment conducive to social interaction. Today’s efforts by these volunteers went a long way toward re-establishing that purpose.

Thank You!


In addition to the computers being relocated…Empty filling cabinets moved to the warehouse. The tables and red chairs were scrubbed. Overflowing trash cans handled. The white cubbie bookcase decluttered and scrubbed. Wall grime and scuff marks removed. Cables secured. PCs moved from the floor to the table top. Supply closet cleaned up. Lobby vacuumed and tidied. @PearceDunlap reorganized the personal bins and dealt with expired project storage tickets.

We started at 10am. 7 people. Around 30-40h of labor.


This is awesome!

@AndrewLeCody even picked up new mousepads. With the PCs off the floor, the cleaning lady can sweep and mop more easily. With the computers relegated to one table, we have four tables that can be wiped down without an obstacle course. On Logistics workday, we can hit the trash cans, wipe down walls, and declutter the cubbie in minutes and be done.

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If another bomb-rush organizational effort is made in another room please post it beforehand and I will try to help.


@uglyknees Next month is lobby, maybe kitchen. Workdays are 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month. Mark your calendar, girl!


What time do they start?

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We started at 10am yesterday on the CR, even though project storage work starts at regularly scheduled 2p. I expect we’ll need the same early headstart on the Lobby.


This really looks great. Computers on tables is handy, and as @heyheymama mentioned to me, it provides a space more conducive to members sitting down to chat IRL. It’s not unusual for folks to clash with someone on Talk, then meet them in person and find out that, while still disagreeing with them about something, they can have a good conversation? Once again I’ll invoke the Walter example (RIP Walter).