Commodore 64 reboot coming this fall

C64 (1/2 sized) with many preinstalled games and USB support for storage and external keyword. Commodore BASIC preinstalled as well.

No pricing available. :frowning:


I’ll have to keep an eye on this. Loved Jumpman back in the day, and would love to have this to tinker on.

I wonder if that has any of the emulation that the MESS team worked on.

They used the C64 PLA code that I dumped to help improve that emulator. :slight_smile:

Oh lord, that computer is what convinced me that I would never be a coder. 2-3 hours to try and code to get a hot air balloon to float across the screen.



Don’t feel bad, i tried to code a spectrum 48k+.

Had far more enjoyment programming the Atari 400

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