Committee / SIG Information Publishing

Does DMS have a robust way(sub website) for a committee/SIG to publish information for the area? Is there a WP site setup for this? Something that is easy to publish multi-media to, easy to use on mobile and easy to search?

Information on rules of use, different tools, the basics of how to use them. Tutorials and links to tutorials. What materials to use, where to purchase them, etc. Pages on simple projects people could learn from. Pages that could be created by normal people and found by normal people. No uber nerdy crap.

FYI - Very open to a more appropriate title for the thread.

AFAIK, we presently have the hated much beloved wiki.


Outside of labor, any reason not to have a facelift and move into the next century? Run parallel to the wiki.

Funny you should say that. I believe some sort of an update is in the works. View the “Wiki wiki etc.” thread.

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So someone stood up an instance on Confluence? What is left to do in order to for us to begin using it? We will be posting a lot of new information on the Multicam and Talk isn’t the way to go. @yashsedai this looks like it could be your handiwork. What say ye?

Building up some templates that will be available shortly.

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Can I be in the pilot group? Can I be a guinea pig?:slight_smile: I need to disseminate Vcarve tutorial links immediately and soon begin publishing the procedures for Multicam use. Although I don’t have a lot of time, I can probably help with the template we need at this point for the SIG, if it speeds things up. Is the security integrated with AD or Talk yet?

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It’s integrated with AD and you can login already. I can get a space set up for you next day or two.

Thank you! I will verify the login in a few. Are we locked into a directory structure out of the gate or can we adjust as we go?

We can adjust, we got some nice plugins donated

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I really wish to thank you for being so responsive.

Appears my information is out of date.

Seems the main reason to keep the wiki (for now) is the audit log of DMS official documents.

Hm. Didn’t keep up with that thread - I stopped early on when it seemed like it was just fishing for a rename.