Combat Robot Tournament

@BentleyDavis suggested starting a new thread on this.

I think if we can get enough interest we can build a small arena to host combat robot tournaments.

Usually 1lb antweight to 30lb classes are cheap enough as an entry level point, especially for anyone that already has RC transmitters and components. You could even hack an RC car and put some armor on it and fight.

I posted about Combat Robot Tournament before and didn’t get much interest, maybe with the wave of new members it might be a possibility.

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What are you all looking in here for? Nothing to see here.

I think it would be a really interesting thing for the space to host an event. There is really not much in the region (besides some High Schools that compete in nrl competitions

Would there be interest in a class around it. Maybe something like a basic kit for a specific class of combat robot that we build together a couple of weeks before the event and then people can modify them as they want and compete. We could easily have a bunch of people doing 15-30lbers at the makerspace with the resources that we have at our disposal.

I also know where there is a 8 ft x 8ft arena in town (although it would be a giant pain to move it because of how heavy it it)

If DMS hosted a battle, then an arena must be built. I cannot envision any other safe way, nor do I know of a space that can readily contain the type of shrapnel that flies off the bots when in combat. Interesting challenges to meet satisfy.


I know it would be completely different from the dprg robits, it would be more in the realm of the aerospace/rc car hobby.

The arena could be built with polycarbonate we could probably go through the scrap at Allied plastics and build a steel frame. It would similar to the size of chris’ 5-axis machine in the shop.

If there’s really no interest in building a battlebot then we don’t have to do it. An alternative is to host something like FIRST and have obstacles with balls and baskets with more open rules. It doesn’t have to be combat if its a logistical problem building a safe arena.