Color Separations for Screen Printing Class?


Color separations means taking a color image and creating a screen for each color.

This allows you to print full color images… if you’re brave.
(This is called 4 color process and though it would be challenging yet doable on our current screen press, the NEW press will allow us to do it with a higher degree of confidence in the final product.)

My technique would rely on Photoshop and Illustrator, but would not require any experience in either program.
In a professional shop they have a “RIP” (Raster Image Processor) which would burn your screens with perfect registration every time, but with a little planning and patience you can achieve a similar result here at DMS

Students would bring in their image and leave with a PDF they can use to create a set of screens with registration marks that aid in making sure all 3-4 colors line up properly.