Collectively Brainstorming - Leather Needs and Wants


This is a biggie - what all do you think would make DMS the place to be for leather working and leather needs?

What do we have that works?
What could we do better?
Bla bla


A dürkopp Adler post swing machine :joy:

But really, a legitimate industrial machine geared for sewing with heavy thread (128-207) with a walking foot would be pretty awesome.


put a link to one that you think would be over the top and one that would suit our (growing) needs please and thanks.


a simple flat smooth edges rectangle of glass that can be used for flat surface burnishing. i’m sure one could be made in another area of the space easily for much cheaper, i just lack the training to do so.

for an example.


a long cutting board of plastic. something like a yard or two. for cutting long straight lines that would be too hard to accomplish consistently with a strip cutter.

probably just gonna use a hunk of wood tonight to be honest. making my second item later tonight.

I might try experimenting with what happens when the strip cutter has a fresh blade. I reckon much better results. I’m looking for two feet of perfect straight strip. I believe in this happening


We have large 4’ I think, cutting boards in the drawers in CA. I put two of them end to end, then use the metal straight edge to cut a … straight edge. Do that first, and then the strap cutter will easily cut a strip.


We are having a meeting on the 28th 6p to start on the planning of the expansion for CA. We are moving to the purple classroom so we can give dye sub some room to setup.
Come with your ideas, picture, prices and everything else


In regards to leather specifically.

  • I love the idea of an industrial sewing machine that can be used for leather as well as sewing as mentioned in the sewing thread.
  • We have a huge work table in storage that was donated a few months ago. It is quite heavy and not something that should roll around. It has a cutting and solid surface for tooling.
    – I think adding either bin, or drawers for leather consumables like rivets, die setters, and hardware would be fantastic. This should be easy to make and to take advantage of the shelf under this worktable.
  • Leather storage
    – Either shelves, or those large cardboard tubes for storing sides of leather.
  • Leather Kit storage for sale
    – I think there is a want for leather kits, that we can put together based on project classes we’ve held. We’d need a place to store these kits, and a way for members to purchase them.
  • Mounting solution for two hand presses, and skiver. We could use some kind of permanent mounting solution for the hand presses and the skiver. This could be a “clamp solution” so we’re not drilling holes in the leather tabletop.
  • Add a motorized burnisher to our equipment.


Do you have a rough estimate on the size of the worktable?
Abd about the mounting - would that ikea wooden stand work (near the column) or do you need something more substantial>


@HankCowdog picked it up and took it to storage. Here are the dimensions and the post with pictures of it.

It is standing height: the dimensions are 49" Long, 31" wide, and 48.5" tall. Probably weighs 300-400 lbs.
It has a solid bottom and a shelf 1/2 up from the bottom, both extending the whole width and length of the table.


Are you sure on the height? That is just over 4 ft tall! If it is that tall you will need a shorter
table for shrot folks I am only 4 10 and for anyone in a wheelchair


Every table we have now is sitting height and will continue to be available.


Just going to push this up to see if anyone else wants to add to this list before our meeting on the 11th
any input is positive


More dyes (light and medium brown seem to need to be kept in triplicate). More dye colors as well.

More types of fasteners (more and wider variety of Chicago screws, snaps, etc.).

How we doing on the Barge supply?


Thor GA-441 cylinder arm sewing machine from Sonny Sewing. $2300, definitely want to get it with the smaller/narrower pressure feet and a flip down roller guide (lets you sew a really straight line, like on a belt).

I just found a large cone of #207 thread (black and brown) in the leather sewing cabinet tonight. Probably also want to grab some White thread along with some 270ish, 310ish, 368ish, 407ish (I don’t remember what size exactly the bonded nylon comes in when you get that large thread) if we get the Thor.

Should probably take the rex in to get serviced - drive wheel was slipping on thicker material, potentially a slipping drive gear or a screw loose, I’ll take a look on Tuesday.


Agh i’m going to be busy the 11th. plans and such.

What would it take to get me signed off on the leather sewing machine? I don’t remember if I got a response last time.


Sorry Scott, I’ve been asking Steve to actively use up the many colors of dye we have in order to limit the dyes to the more basic colors. It’s cheaper and easier to manage.

HOWEVER, if the membership wants to have a variety available, we can accommodate it.

As far as hardware goes, we have two cases, with plenty of room for more kinds of fasteners. I wanted to see if people would pay for what we currently had before adding more. we can definitely expand in this area.


I take full responsibility for the dye.
I honestly ordered them after drinking a tad bit of wine…possibly a bit over a tad.
Sorry about that.


lol. It’s no biggie, really. That’s just a consumable that’s really easy to use a lot of and not pay for. :frowning:


Perhaps some containers suited for dip-dyeing (at home I use smooth bottom nonstick metal bakeware) and some kind of drying rack or “leather project storage”? Or is that just asking for trouble? I do my dyeing at home because of the time required to let it dry.