Cold Cut Saw won't raise blade 2022/10/23

Just used the Kalamazoo cold cut saw, it cut well and cleanly but after cutting I can’t get the blade to raise. The blade up/down worked in the down direction to get close to the material before starting but the up isn’t working. There is a noise if I move the switch to the raise position (pneumatic sound) - but no movement.

I also noticed something odd on the ‘cycle stop’ and blade stop buttons, fiddling with them to try to get the blade to raise. The blade stop actually only works momentarily (is that right?) as soon as you release it the blade runs again. And the cycle stop is kind of hit and miss - I had to use the ‘E-Stop’ a few times to actually stop the saw.

I put the padlock back on the saw and will put the red out of service label on it.


The head hydraulics are a little screwy. You need to push down on the front of the head sometimes at the bottom of the cut so it hits the sensor to go back up. @TBJK has done a lot of maintenance on it. He might be chime in.