CNC Status or Event?

Is the CNC router operational? I haven’t seen an event pop up for it in a long time. I’m proficient with the ShopBot (we use Vcarve as well) but I was told to use the multicam I need to get checked out on it. Is there someone I can make an appointment with or will there be an event soon?

following, I need to get signed off on that bad boy too.

In the past, Chris Gayley (sorry Chris if I misspelled your name) has held a class once a month and several follow up sessions to show that you are ready by performing a simple project with a one on one analysis of how well you learned from the class. I believe that this was included in the latest suggested classes by woodshop committee to be given regularly.

Paging @cghaly

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Following also!

Chris has been on vacation … twice, I think, but is back and will have a class before long as best I understand.

Back in town now. :slight_smile: A MultiCam class has been submitted for Monday, 8/19 @ 6:00pm.


I don’t see this on the calendar yet? Am I doing something wrong?


It takes 72 hours for it to show on the calendar