CNC Router Kit - Any ideas?

Is anyone here familiar with either Avid CNC (formerly CNC Router Parts) or the OpenBuild/Ooznest WorkBee CNC router?

I want to build a smaller machine for home and would love feedback from anyone who has built or used one.

I want something bigger and more capable than a Shapeoko but smaller and less expensive than a Multicam. 5x5’ would be ideal but 60x40” would suffice. Probably use a router not a $pindle. Needs to be capable of quickly and accurately cutting 3/4” Baltic birch. A reasonable Z axis working area would be nice too, in case I get into carving later.


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I have bought some parts from OpenBuilds and got good service. I can’t attest to the quality of their CNC router kids though.

If you’re looking for a kit / DIY CNC, here’s a couple more options you might look at - Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC), has a decent user base for help:

Maslow CNC is a vertical CNC, with a smaller footprint allowing you to cut 4x8 sheets:
From what I can gather it’s still pretty rough around the edges but there’s a moderately-sized user community. But c’mon who doesn’t want a CNC machine that has “two bricks” in the BOM? :smiley:

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I have the OpenBuilds Black box controller on my CNC. Works well and since it’s open source ti’s easy to adapt to your needs.


I just bought the Black Box for my CNC. I built an OX CNC when the Openbuilds creator first designed it years ago. I was using a Tiny G, but hated Chilipepper, so I’m hoping the Openbuilds software is better. I just connected it and haven’t fired it up yet.

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I have a CNC Router Parts kit that I never used.

I built an MPCNC from one of V1 engineering’s kits and my home (crappy) 3D printer. Works pretty well, but you’ll have issues with your size requirements.

They do have another design, Lowrider, that would easily handle the sizes you’re looking at.

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What kind of router was it?