Cnc project in process - Completed

@GriffC is about to create some table skirting. The 4” white oak rails has to be ripped down in order to fixture them on a custom spoil board. The boards are attached yo the mdf spoil board with counter sunk wood screws. He will glue the boards back up after the carving process is finished.

Ripped off portion that will be reattached later.

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Real time update.


I’ve done some small and very intricate work on the Multicam. We need to talk a bit.

Sounds like a plan. I’ve got a load of 3D files I want to do!

Here are the completed pieces that were milled with a v-bit. Keep in mind that they had to be ripped down in order to fit under the gantry. They are have now been glued back up and it is difficult to see the glue line.

These are part of a custom table. @GriffC did an outstanding job.