CNC Plasma cutter Questions


I was able to make some cuts without help or problems today but I have a couple of questions

  1. When the machine homes, either at startup or when pressing the home button, the counters at the top don’t go to zero as I would expect. Should they?

  2. What happens if the torch runs into a piece that been cut and then sticks up? It didn’t cause a problem today but I can see it might if the cuts were arranged differently.



I zero out home, but don’t k ow if it’s nevessary. It calms my OCD. If the torch hits a top up, it stops. You can correct it (bend it back down, then continue.



0,0 is the last place it was zeroed regardless of homing. Tip ups, it the torch hits it with the shield on the head, it is detected as a crash. It uses the same way as the ohmic sensor does only the program is written if it is not seeing the ohmic and all the sudden it does, it’s a crash. Just an easy clear then hit start again. Not restart or the other button.



Immediately pause the cut, move the offending piece out of the cut path, and resume the program.

Note that you should do this before the torch encounters the popup. Always watch your cut, ready to pause it when this sort of thing happens.