CNC help. Need 1/2" MDF cut. Will pay

I am wanting to get some 8" diameter circles cut out of 1/4" and 1/2" MDF cut. I assume the 1/2" MDF is too thick for the laser cutter. In that case is there anyone willing to help me cut on the CNC? I will pay.

Thank you.

The laser “can” cut up to 1/2" - not sure if the quality will be good enough for you though.

It looks like @AmeliaG was cutting 1/2" lumber [but having a machine issue] in this post:
I assume [maybe incorrectly] she was cutting all the way through - she might have more details on quality.

Another way to do it would to cut a template from thinner wood on the laser and then use it with a straight cutting bit on the router table [My Favorite Template Routing Tips and Tricks - YouTube].

Last way to do it would rough cut it on the bandsaw and then use the vertical belt sander to sand to the pencil line. You will just need be careful not to get too close to the line.

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If you change the lens in the laser, it can cut up to 4in thick.
I was cutting fence pickets. They are thin and not very dense wood.
Mdf does cut fine on the laser. BUT…
The problem with the laser is that the cuts aren’t perfectly square. The edges are something like 85 degrees due to the laser kerf.
If a 90degree edge is needed, Cnc or router with a protractor is the correct way to go.


You can easily cut a clean circle on the bandsaw if you put a board underneath it with a nail or peg in it, and partial-depth drill the center of your intended circles.

This article describes the concept, although he makes a fancy jig he can use for multiple diameters. You can accomplish the same thing with a hunk of board with a nail in it, clamped to the bandsaw table.


One can also make a simple circle-cutting jig for the bandsaw. It would require a pin for the disk to rotate on, which in turn leaves a small hole in the center of the disk. This can be plugged later, if desired. No sanding to the line would be required and once dialed in, such a jig makes very repeatable, consistent cuts.

Here’s a how-to:


Not advocating it, but I have cut circles on a table saw.


How many circles from what size sheets of MDF and what’s your timeframe?

Thank you all for the great suggestions! I have someone helping me now. Great community!