Clever Leatherworking Stitching Alignment Aid

I saw an ad for these clever pins used for holding leather pieces in alignment while being stitched. I’ve never seen these before: I’ve used spare stitching needles to perform a similar task, but since these lock in place and hold the leather snug, these are a better solution.

I thought I’d share this idea here, as others (especially cosplayers who deal with hand sewing curved pieces) might find them useful.

As with many things imported from China, the pricing is all over the map. Some were $2.40 apiece + s/h. I found a set of 10 on Amazon for $7.99 and free (30 day) shipping.

These are the 12mm version, suitable for leather 0-6mm thick (up to 7.5 oz total). There are longer 18mm ones available which double the leather thickness supported.


Leather Clecos!


Yep! Pretty much.