Clear glaze questions

We are running a bit low on the zinc-free clear brushing glaze. So – is the dipping clear zinc-free? Should we be directing people to the dipping glaze or just buying more brushing glaze?

@Monikat (a general question, as we’re not close to needing 10 more glazes currently)

@AnnaMarie @jamierazzz know more about the clear dipping glaze than I do.

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I think @jamierazzz just bought the Amaco commercial zinc free clear.

Okay. I asked Lium, and he said that the dipping clear was made/brought by @Csmith10987, so now I’m asking him if that’s good for going over the underglazes… :slight_smile:

I do t think I made that one but if you send a picture or tell me what it says on it I think I’ll know

Sahara… … … I should go back there and see what the ingredients are…

It is zinc free clear! I bought it a while back and Craig mixed it for us. We can either refill the small bottle with the dip glaze (have to stir it well with the drill stir first) or we can buy more pint sized zinc free clear for those who prefer brush on

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Here is the photo of the bucket, price was $168 for 25# dry, 5 gallon when mixed. It is over half way gone. The price for the same brand glaze in pint size is $19

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Aha! Well, that’s what I get for not looking closer. I will figure something out. Maybe I’ll try a thing or two…

Anyone willing to teach me how to use the clear dipping glaze over the weekend? I have quite a few pieces that need it and can’t imagine having to brush it on for all of them…

I could do that. Can you be here Saturday afternoon sometime after 5pm?

One thing you can do to prep is to paint the bottom of your pots with wax resist. We should have a bottle or so in the small racks nearest the door. Make sure that you paint at least up to 1/4" above the bottom.

edit: The weather isn’t supposed to get bad on Saturday. It’ll be cold, but it shouldn’t rain. In theory. According to Your mileage may vary…

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I’m so sorry I have been SLAMMED with work and have just finally found some free time this eveving to go glaze the numerous pots I have waiting for me. By any chance will you be there this evening?

I should be there after 7 or so. I’ll head for Ceramics when I get there. Make sure you dress warm. When it’s this cold outside, the heater back there doesn’t keep up. I was doing some work in Glass last night, and the kiln said it was 54 F inside the kiln…