Clayspiration youtube pottery!

I recently came across Old Forge Creations on youtube, and I feel like sharing!

He’s a UK based potter, and his videos are so good. There’s so much inspiration to be found (like this nautilus bowl, such a clever use of slip detailing!), there’s so many techniques he shows that I’m dying to try out, now!

Also his start to finish videos are soooo satisfying to watch. In a lot of them he doesn’t talk at all, he just quietly shows you the entire process, from throwing a lump of clay onto the wheel to pulling the finished piece out of the glaze kiln. It’s so zen and soothing to watch!


Yes! He has beautiful things and I actually own one thanks to a great friend who spoiled me with this mug.

So exciting to see people get inspired…it inspires me :blush:


Oh man that’s so beautiful! The indent texture he does like that mug or his pebble stuff is definitely something I want to try, though I’m still so new at this I don’t know which glazes at the space would work best for it (my very first thrown piece is currently sitting on the shelf waiting for its turn in the glaze kiln, and I kept it simple and just coated it in a single celadon glaze all over!). I’ve seen mentions of oatmeal a few times, for “runny” glaze?


Yes Oatmeal in combination with others makes it a runny glaze.

Experimentation is fabulous

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