Clay sale at Trinity

Just came out of Trinity ceramics, they’re having a Clay sale today, Thursday and tomorrow Friday, I think some of them were popular clays for 50% off but you may want to call and check if you’re interested. I got the white stoneware for $13.50 a bag.


Yup. I always go in the morning on first day of sale and buy all my clay for the next 5 months.
Best time to get it.

Aw alas. I’d been wondering when the next sale was. I was hoping to get my slip casting bucket refilled. Next time! :purple_heart:

Remember that the next sale will be in… in… August, I think?? Right before the fall semester. Maybe September. I do remember that it’s got Labor Day killing the 1st Saturday, so you have to manage to get by on a weekday.

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